What is the working principle of silencers?

 The widespread use of cellular and satellite communications, wireless Internet has made our life much easier.  But at the same time, no one can be sure that information that is intended only for a narrow circle of people will remain confidential.  If you have sensitive data and do not want it to become known to the public, you may need the jammer.


When do you need a signal jammer?

If you are in business or have important negotiations, then you are prone to leakage of important information.  When you are discussing important sensitive information, for example, in a meeting, you cannot be one hundred percent sure that the office is not equipped with listening devices (bugs, hidden cameras or voice recorders).  Then you need a signal jammer.  If you discuss your business on a mobile phone, it is even easier for the eavesdropper to get the necessary data.  In the same cases, signal suppressors are suitable for you.

How does a cell phone jammer work?

Noise generation technology is used to protect your information from leakage, which is why jammers are also called noise generators.  These tools create the so-called "white" noise, which is distributed evenly over the entire spectrum of the range of the required network (GSM, CDMA, etc.).  Thus, all possible data transmission channels are blocked, and "spies" lose contact with bugs, wiretaps, wireless cameras and other types of surveillance equipment.

A cell jammer can be mains powered, but you can also find portable jammers.  They are small and capable of jamming the signal within a radius of up to 20 meters.  The built-in accumulator provides rather long work - from 2 to 4 hours.  A stationary jammer is capable of blocking data transmission even within a radius of 50 meters.

Jammers for mobile phones and their varieties

The signal suppressor is capable of blocking a device that uses wireless communication to transmit data.  The range is quite wide - these are GSM, CDMA, TDMA, EDGE signals, there are also GPS, WI-FI, 3G jammers.  Any data that is transmitted wirelessly, you can protect if you have a cellular jammer.  There are universal blockers that work with all ranges.  But if you want to protect only a specific channel (frequency range) from listening, you can purchase a mono-band device.  For example, to protect a mobile phone, you will need cell jammers that work with either GSM or CDMA channels.  If you are wary of tracking your car with a GPS tracker, you can buy a gps and jammer and be sure of your safety.


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