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  A mobile phone jammer is a device designed to prevent the use of GSM devices within range.  Note that the cellular jammer works not only directly with phones, but also with various devices (including bugs) using the same range.  They are different.  It could also be a drone jammer.


 How do cell jammers work?

 The cell phone jammer operates according to a fairly simple scheme, worked out on the suppression of radio signals long before the appearance of the first GSM devices.  The cell jammer uses the same range as a cell phone - and fills it with interference that makes it impossible to use the devices for their intended purpose.

 Cell jammers can work in two modes: adaptive, also called intelligent, and permanent.  In continuous mode, the device sends interference on the air continuously and makes it impossible to exchange information between a cell phone and a cell, that is, it completely blocks it.  The mobile phone jammer operating in intelligent mode does not “press” the channel, but waits for the start of sending an SMS or incoming / outgoing call (connection with the base station) in order to block the phone for a few seconds.

 Intelligent cell phone jammers provide the same reliability as permanent ones, while still making others feel more comfortable, and also have a number of technological advantages.

 Where are cell phone jammers needed?

 With the spread of cell phones, the world has literally changed: the ability to constantly be in touch has literally changed our ideas about communication.  Turning off the mobile phone is perceived by many as quite strong stress, causes excitement and anxiety: perhaps this is why people do not always turn off their phones at meetings, negotiations, seminars and cultural events.  The sounds of calls and SMS can easily interrupt someone's speech, negating its entire effect, and an urgent call can simply turn a person off the event for a few long minutes.  A mobile jammer can solve these problems and, in addition, provide additional protection against bugs.

 Aspect of security in meetings and negotiations

 Do you know that a mobile phone, with some preparation, can be used as a spy microphone, that is, to remove sound from it at a distance?  If yes, then you understand perfectly well how important cell phone jammers are in confidential business meetings and important negotiations.  Cellular jammers have been actively used by many Western companies for more than a year now: with the help of them, managers achieve the full attention of all meeting participants, focus on important issues, ensure compliance with the regulations, and also increase information security.


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